Monday, July 18, 2011

Captain America in the Movies

Hello citizens! Normally I don't like to talk about myself but there is a movie coming out on my life this weekend and alot of interest in movies and other things about me. So to releave some of this interest today I will discuss movies that have been made about me.
First up is the 1944 serial called "Captain America." While I liked it for its entertainment value it did get a lot wrong. First off the lead character isn't even a solider. He is a District Attorney. His name isn't Steve Rogers but Grant Gardner played by Dick Purcell. Bucky isn't in the movie and I use a gun not a shield. Yes I am a solider and a marksman but I always prefer that a gun be used as a last resort.
In 1973 there was a Turkish film that was released called 3 Dev Adam. It translates into 3 Mighty Men but is better known as Captain America Vs. Spider-Man. Now this wasn't a movie version of Marvel Team-Up. In the film I am a government aent called to Turkey to take on a serial killer that looks a lot like an out of shape Spider-Man. If they producers didn't read the comic books then they sould have contacted me. Spider-Man is not a killer. He is often misunderstood but he is one of the good guys and one of my close friends.
In 1990 I finally thought they would get it right. Till this year it was the closest you could get. Matt Salinger actually played Steve (Captain America) Rogers. He looked great in the costume and they did use a shield. Even my old enemy the Red Skull was in it. However, he was made Italian and not German in the film. I was a little worried when I heard that Salinger was to be the star as he was pretty much an unknown. When I heard that Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox were also in it I felt better and thought this could be like Superman: the Movie. Boy was I wrong. Most of the movie Salinger wasn't in the costume and by the time he did get in it the movie was almost over. To top it off I didn't save the day but Ronny Cox, who was cast as the President, did. The movie was never released to theaters but my fans still found it in bootleg versions at comic book and science fiction conventions. Sales there forced its release to direct video. If you haven't seen it then you should at least once but only once.

Now here we are in the 21st century and finally what looks like a great movie based on myself. It even has one of my favorite actors, Tommy Lee Jones, as my Sarge in it. Don't know what the reviews will be but the commercials for it look great. Let me know what you think. Also starting next week my weekly post will be on Tuesdays from now on.

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